SFA Chain of Custody Standard Public Consultation is Now Open

The Sustainable Fibre Alliance (SFA) has now opened public consultation on our draft SFA Chain of Custody Standard. We are seeking feedback on the new proposed draft from all stakeholders and members of the public.

Online Feedback Form

Please support us and provide your feedback on all aspects of the SFA Chain of Custody Standard by clicking on the button below and completing our online feedback form.

All relevant documents can be found at the top of the survey or at the bottom of this article.

Alternatively, if you are unable to complete the online survey for any reason, feel you are unable to participate due to a language barrier or have any other questions, then please do contact us at standards@sustainablefibre.org and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

The public consultation will close at
08:00 CET on 8 January 2024

Draft SFA Chain of Custody Standard & Statement of Intent Documents

Before filling out the survey, we ask that you first read the draft version of the SFA Chain of Custody Standard as well as our Statement of Intent document as it explains in detail why we are doing this work.

Click the buttons below to read these documents, or find them at the top of the online survey where Mongolian and Chinese versions of the Statement of Intent are also available.

The standard review is being conducted as per the SFA’s Standard Setting Procedure, which follows ISEAL’s code of good practice on Standard Setting. Decisions are made by the Standard Setting and Improvement Committee (SSIC).

Many thanks,

The Sustainable Fibre Alliance

Katy Edwards


6 November 2023