We encourage participation from all stages of the cashmere supply chain, from processors and manufacturers to brands and retailers. Membership is voluntary and based on an annual fee. Companies can join individually or as groups, and the membership fee is dependent on the annual turnover of the company or group.

We currently offer two categories of membership

Full Membership 

Provides access to the full suite of member benefits, including the ability to participate in our chain of custody development and make on-product claims for SFA Certified cashmere.

Supporter Membership

Offers a 12-month membership trial at a reduced fee but with restricted benefits. Most importantly, Supporter Members are unable to make on-product claims for SFA Certified cashmere.


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All numbers are in Great British Pounds (GBP)

1. Groups should consider their turnover to be the sum of the turnovers of the trading entities joining (each trading entity must be listed on the application form in order to be counted as a member). 

2. Companies and groups that do not deal solely in cashmere products, but trade as a single entity, should consider their turnover to be the turnover of the entire company/group, not only that part of it related to cashmere.

3. Supporter Membership is a one-time offer – at the end of the 12-month period, members must either upgrade to full membership or cancel their membership.


As an SFA member, you commit to supporting our mission by promoting the SFA Cashmere Standard and encouraging the adoption of responsible production practices. You also understand and follow the Member Code of Conduct in all your dealings as an organisation. Breaches of this Code of Conduct may lead to termination of your membership.

The SFA is focused on bringing about behavioural change that leads to better outcomes for people, animals and the environment. Credibility is crucial to our success. The SFA and our members strive to act with integrity at all times. In practice this means:

Members commit themselves to the mission and strategic aims of the SFA.

Members promote and communicate this commitment throughout their own organisation and to external partners

Members act responsibly and are transparent in their engagement with the SFA.

Members follow our Claims Framework and do not make misleading or unsubstantiated claims about the production, procurement or use of SFA certified cashmere, nor about the impacts of our work programmes.