Sustainable Cashmere Standard Global Principles

Round one of the SCS Global Principles Public Consultation is now open.

Round one of the SCS Global Principles Public Consultation is now open for you to feedback on.

Public Summary

SFA first published codes of practice for rangeland stewardship, animal husbandry, and clean fibre processing. The focus for each of these is on continuous improvement with certification at three award levels to reflect compliance.

In 2022 the SFA is proposing consolidating into the Sustainable Cashmere Standard, a performance-based, outcome-oriented worldwide standard. The Principles and Criteria focus on the production of cashmere in a way that is measurably better for animals, the environment, and herding communities.

The SCS Principles are the essential rules or elements of environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable cashmere production, and the Criteria provide the means of judging whether or not a Principle has been fulfilled.

The purpose of the consultation

We are inviting every person to provide their feedback on the content and structure of the Sustainable Cashmere Standard.  We have drafted the Global Principles, themes and Criteria and we would like you to let us know what you think. Some example questions for you to consider?

  • Are they sufficient?
  • Is anything missing?
  • Should there be any criteria with Red Flags? E.g., no certificate can be achieved until red flag criteria have been fully met.  If so, which ones?
  • Is the wording of the criteria sufficient to ensure that it can be fully met anywhere in the world?
  • Will the criteria deliver the required/intended outcome?


SCS Global Principles Public Summary

SCS Global Principles

SCS Evaluation Indicators Goat Welfare

SCS-007-02.2-EN C001 Animal Husbandry and Cashmere Fibre Harvesting Code of Practice

SCS-008-01.2-EN C002 Rangeland Stewardship Code of Practice

SCS-009-02.1-EN C003 Clean Fibre Processing Code of Practice

SCS-036-01.0-EN Standard Setting Procedure

How to Contribute

Become a Member of the SCS Global Principles Steering Group

The SFA is seeking qualified individuals to join the Sustainable Cashmere Standard Global Principles Steering Group. Successful candidates will support the SFA’s mission and values, have experience with the SFA’s Standard, Code of Practice and or Chain of Custody, and represent a diversity of stakeholders in various geographies. Complete the Application Form. The Steering Group Terms of Reference set out the role and responsibilities of Steering Group members.

Please submit your application and CV no later than 1 October 2021 to Lesley Colvin, Standards and Compliance Manager,

Provide feedback

To provide feedback or comments relating to the proposed content or structure of the Sustainable Cashmere Global Principles by completing and submitting the SCS Global Principles Feedback Form.

Please submit your feedback no later than 14 November 2021.