SFA-ICCAW Code of Practice: Development

Public Consultation

Round two of the Public Consultation for the joint SFA-ICCAW Code of Practice development is now open. Click here for more details.

Public Summary

Overview: In April 2020, the SFA and the China Association for the Promotion of International Agricultural Cooperation Committee on Animal Welfare (ICCAW) signed an MoU to develop and manage a joint code of practice for cashmere goat welfare. The code of practice is to be used for accreditation of welfare-friendly cashmere production in the Inner Mongolia region of China. It will sit within the SFA Cashmere Standard and align with ICCAW’s ‘Farm Animal Welfare Requirements – Cashmere Goat’. In July 2020, a joint SFA-ICCAW Technical Group drafted a Cashmere Goat Welfare Code of Practice which is now open for public consultation.

About the Cashmere Goat Welfare Code of Practice: The Cashmere Goat Welfare Code of Practice is based on the Five Freedoms of animal welfare. The Code of Practice (consultation draft) consists of specific requirements divided into eight units covering:

  1. Feeding and drinking water
  2. The farming environment
  3. Husbandry management
  4. Health
  5. Fibre harvesting
  6. Transport and farm transfer
  7. Humane slaughter
  8. Farm inspection and auditing

For each unit there are mandatory requirements, good practice requirements applicable to all farms, and additional good practice requirements for farms managed by enterprises or institutions.

The Cashmere Goat Welfare Code of Practice (consultation draft) can be downloaded in English and Chinese.

In line with the SFA Standards System, there will be two rounds of public consultation:

  • Consultation Round 1: August 17 – 16 October, 2020
  • Consultation Round 2: January 15 – 15 February, 2021

Decisions regarding the process and changes to the draft code of practice will be made in line with the SFA Standard Setting Procedure. Any feedback received during Consultation Round 1 will be considered in the revision process prior to Consultation Round 2, and any feedback received during Round 2 will be considered in the revision process prior to adoption of the code of practice. A summary of how feedback received was addressed in the revision process will be available to the public.

How to participate: For comments, feedback and suggestions, please contact lesley.colvin@sustainablefibre.org or ficcaw@163.com in either English or Chinese.

For Round 1, please submit your feedback by 5pm UK time on October 16th 2020.

For Round 2, please submit your feedback by 12pm UK time on 15th February 2021.