Public Consultation for the SFA Cashmere Standard is now live!

The second round of public consultation for the revision of the SFA Cashmere Standard is now live!

We are seeking feedback on the proposed new structure and indicators for the SFA Cashmere Standard from all stakeholders and members of the public.  Please visit the consultation webpage to review the proposed standard and provide your feedback:  

  • Online Feedback form: Please support us and provide your feedback on all aspects of the standard, or specific parts of the standard from the tabs. LINK
  • Email: Alternatively, you can provide more complete feedback or specific comments with any supporting documents attached by emailing:  

This consultation is open to anyone interested in SFA’s work, but we especially want to hear from underrepresented stakeholders, NGOs and academics that will be impacted by the standard or have an interest in the material issues being addressed.  

The public consultation will close on 2nd December 2022.   

This is a vital piece of work which aims to improve the standard robustness and measurability. The revision aims to: 

  • facilitate standard application to different production systems from nomadic pastoralists to small and large farms, and scalability across varying geographies. 
  • align the standard with current scientific thinking and incorporate further criteria around key material issues such as decent work, capacity and management, and fibre quality from a sustainability perspective. 
  • improve clarity, auditability and measurability of performance.  These are key for ensuring the SFA Cashmere Standard can fulfil its role in ensuring clear and credible claims. 

The standard review is being conducted as per the SFA’s Standard Setting Procedure, which makes reference to ISEAL’s code of good practice on Standard Setting.  Decisions are made by the Standard Setting and Improvement committee (SSIC).