Clean Fibre Processing Code of Practice: Public Consultation

Round two of pilot review Public Consultation now open.

Round two of the Clean Fibre Processing Code of Practice review is now open for you to feedback on. More information can be found here.

Public Summary

In 2019, the SFA developed a code of practice which is targeted at primary processors – those involved in the sorting, scouring and dehairing of raw cashmere fibre.  The Clean Fibre Processing Code of Practice sits within the SFA Cashmere Standard and aims to ensure that cashmere fibre is processed without the use of harmful chemicals, ensures efficient use of energy and water, and maintains a safe and fair working environment.

Since March 2020, we have been piloting the Clean Fibre Processing Code of Practice with several primary processing facilities in Mongolia. We are now undertaking a review of the feedback and evidence collected during the pilot, in order to prepare for its final launch later this year.

Our highest priorities are to include representation from all potential stakeholders and to create a tool that balances effective requirements with realistic and auditable criteria.

You can view the current version of the Code of Practice document here.

You can review all feedback received so far here.

How to Contribute

Interested parties may contribute to the consultation by submitting comments by email to our Standards and Compliance Manager, Lesley Colvin:  You can use this template to submit your comments. Comments on the process as well as the content of the draft standard are welcome.