Clean Fibre Processing Code of Practice pilot review

Clean Fibre Code of Practice Pilot review

Public Consultation Round two

Following the pilot of the Clean Fibre Processing Code of Practice and the first round of Public Consultation, feedback we received suggested that the structure of the units had resulted in repetition of some requirements meaning that evidence was potentially duplicated, and assessments were not as efficient as they could be. 

As a result of a mapping exercise to identify where duplication exists, we are proposing a new streamlined structure where some generic requirements (such as safe working practices and machinery and equipment being safe, serviced and maintained) have been removed from the respective function unit (e.g., sorting, dehairing, scouring, or sampling) and added to the respective overarching unit (e.g., Health and Safety).

You can view the current version of the Code of Practice document here.

You can review the revised draft version 1.1 of the Clean Fibre Processing Code of Practice here.

You can review all feedback received so far here.

The findings of the unit mapping exercise can be viewed here.

The full revised unit structure can be viewed here.

The revised units can be found here.

How to Contribute

Interested parties may contribute to the consultation by submitting comments by email to our Standards and Compliance Manager, Lesley Colvin:  You can use this template to submit your comments. Comments on the process as well as the content of the draft standard are welcome.