21st Century Herder Vocational Course

In collaboration with the Mongolian Ministry of Education and Vocational Education Authorities, the SFA is developing the ‘21st Century Herder’ vocational course which is to be rolled out nationally during 2020.

Building on Johnstons of Elgin’s successful Young Herder Training Programme, which is targeted at high school children and has been running in Khentii province for the last two years, the 21st Century Herder course will offer older students and adults the opportunity to pursue a nationally recognised qualification in agricultural livestock management. The course draws on best practice in modern agriculture and applies this to the Mongolian pastoral context, providing herders with tools to manage pasture collectively and sustainably, adapt technology to improve herd management, provide high welfare and basic veterinary care and build their connections with national and global markets.

The aim of the ’21st Century Herder’ course is to encourage herders to stay in the role and offer a unique skill-set and knowledge base to those who might have previously dropped out of the educational system. Working in partnership with the Mongolian Government and educational authorities, the SFA can achieve widescale impact across the country and reach a greater number of herders who will become the future stewards of Mongolian rangelands.